In Her Shoes

If I were in her shoes, I would have asked him what his plans are about “us”. Should we remain “just friends” or risk the friendship and take our relationship to the next level?

There is no denying that there is “something” between the two of them. They constantly talk to each other over the phone, over chat, over text even via email. They keep each other updated with the current happenings in their lives; even the minutest detail is shared between the two of them. They don’t merely talk; they also meet up for dinner or watch a movie.

Boy makes girl smile. Her face lights up when her alert tone rings, it lights up even more when she sees his name registered on the phone. They would then have their texting marathon/telebabad until the wee hours of the morning. This happens every single day. However, there came a time when she begins to feel disappointed whenever he doesn’t reply back as quickly as he used to or whenever no message was received from him for the whole day. Paranoia would creep in; thoughts that she might have said something that may have offended him come into play; even thoughts that he might have already met someone would set in. She begins to hate herself for allowing herself to be vulnerable; to be in this pseudo setup and swears never to talk to him again.

When boy suddenly makes his presence felt once again, everything goes back to the old arrangement. Girl succumbs to talking to him again… until the wee hours of the morning. This becomes a cycle that develops into a habit that’s slowly leading to a pit; a trap that’s hard to get out of once one has fallen deeply into it.

If I were in her shoes, I would save myself the huge emotional investment before I run out of resources to sustain this pseudo setup. Who knows, boy just needs a little shove to get him to admit and formalize this crazy setup. But then what if he’s just playing around and sees the girl as just a mere fun companion, a friend, worst his best friend?! At least girl already knows where she stands and no longer wastes her time over someone who doesn’t deserve to be an issue in her life.

Pero on second thought, masarap din ma-involve sa isang pseudo relationship, the emotional rollercoaster is exhillirating! It gets better when you’re already at the edge of your seat as you approach the 360 degree turn. Sad lang when you’ve already reached the end of the ride. Well, you can still fall in line again and hop on the next ride.

Peyups @ Smart

Another long overdue post. :p


Dahil ngayong taon ay ika-100 taon ng aming mahal na unibersidad, ang Unibersidad ng Pilipinas, nagkaroon ng pagkakataon ang mga empleyado ng Smart na nagtapos sa UP na magkatipon-tipon para bumuo ng mga programa para sa selebrasyon ng sentenaryo ng UP. Ang nasabing GA o General Assembly ay nangyari noong nakaraang Miyerkules, July 16. Ang akala ko noong una ay isang simpleng meeting lamang ang magaganap. Laking gulat ko pati ng aking mga kasama dahil isang magarbong selebrasyon pala ang aming matutunghayan. Para talagang org GA yung nangyari. Binigyan kami ng sig sheet (blue book), merong mga palaro upang magkakila-kilala ang bawat isa at meron ding munting salo-salo na kwek-kwek, pritong lumpia, fish balls, bananaque, at camoteque. UP-ing UP talaga! Nakakatuwa dahil damang-dama nang bawat isa ang kaligayahan sa pakiki-isa sa selebrasyon ng sentenaryo ng UP. Andun din ang pagnanais ng bawat isa na makatulong sa mga programang nakalatag upang tumanaw ng malaking utang na loob sa institusyong humubog sa aming karunungan at kamalayan.

Mabuhay ang ika-isandaang taon ng UP! :-)

-Mga Isko at Iska ng CPG-
-Mga Isko at Iska ng CPG-
-Peyups@SMART Bus para sa UP Maroons Athletes-
-Blue Book Sig Sheet-
-UP Centennial Commemorative 100 Peso Bills-

The Rihanna and Chris Brown Experience

Yes, another blog post re the Rihanna and Chris Brown concert. I’ll just make this short as what we’ve experienced may have already been blogged about by the 69,000 others who went to the concert.

All I can say is, it was all worth it! The silver tix priced at 1,500 each (thank God for the early bird promo), the long queue, the humid weather, the terrible traffic going out of bonifacio, not to mention my only 3 hours of sleep as it’s a work day the following day.

Chris Brown, as expected was a stellar performer! No one can pull off those moves than him. He’s definitely the Michael Jackson of this generation. Rihanna was equally fantastic! I was not really a fan of hers prior to the concert. Sure I’m familiar with her songs and all, but I was not really a big follower until I actually heard her sing and perform. I’m instantly converted into a huge fan after the concert. Her voice was so amazing! At the same time, you can’t help but be drawn with her presence on stage. Galeng, sobra! My favorite part of the show was when they did the Umbrella/Cinderella duet. Kakakilig!

Rihanna and Chris Brown definitely deserve a big round of applause for the superb show! Come on guys, take a bow!

Silver Tix :-)

Met friends at Seattle's Best High Street

Met friends at Seattle's Best High Street